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  6 Different ways to ask for Applause

Let’s give a (big) round of applause for…

This is a fairly standard way to tell a crowd to applaud for someone. You can either say 

round of applause or a big round of applause, but you can’t just say “applause''.

Our next performers are an improv troupe known for their quirky humor and on-the-spot 

punchlines. Let’s give a big round of applause for Shaken Not Stirred! 

Give it up for…

Some people think this is an incorrect phrase, maybe because it’s a more recent, 

casual-sounding phrase, but I find it to be one of the most natural ways to tell an 

audience to applaud.You can say, Give it up for (name of the performer), Let’s give it up 

for…, Everyone, give it up for…, Everyone, please give it up for…, etc.

Our next performer is a local singer-songwriter who adds her own unique twist to R&B. 

Let’s give it up for Danielle Pasquier!

Put your hands together for…

This is another good expression to use when introducing someone onto the stage, 

maybe in more casual settings. You could also Please put your hands together for…, 

Everyone, puts your hands together for…, Everyone, please put your hands together 

for…, etc.

Our next guest speaker is someone I know you’ve all been waiting for. Everyone, 

please put your hands together for James Park!

Let’s give a warm welcome to…

This might be a good phrase if you want to emphasize that you’re not only introducing 

but also welcoming someone onto the stage. It’s very appropriate for more formal 

situations. Since this is a set expression, it’s best to say warm instead of any other 


Let’s give a warm welcome to our special guest conductor of the night, Alex Solis! 

Let’s hear it for…

I guess in this expression, “it” refers to the applause. This is also a nice expression to 

use in a more informal environment.Thank you for that wonderful performance. 

And now, let’s hear it for our main act of the night, Mouse Rat! 

Another round of applause for…

It’s normal to ask for applause before a performance, but you can also ask for applause 

after the guest leaves the stage, even after the audience already applauded the 

performance! In that case, you can ask for another round of applause for someone.The 

audience applauds and the performer leaves the stage. The applause dies down. 

Alright, that was fantastic. Another round of applause for Olivia, please! 

February 1, 2018